A World of Praise

“Everything was terrific!”Jay Hagen and for Bob Cartmel - Centennial, Colorado

“I think next year will be my 11th trip to the lodge. We can't wait!”Don McRae & Sharon Maciej - Edina, Minnesota

“Year number 12 did not let Bob down. His 45" pike made his trip extra special.”Bob & Evie Baker - Mansfield, Ohio

“Your smiles and friendly faces were all I needed to feel right at home.”Dan Winklepleck - Scottsdale, Arizona

“Nate (he is 16) actually caught three master anglers. You guys were great.”Steve White - Pierre, South Dakota (Big Island Outpost)

“All of you helped on old man have the thrill of a lifetime!”Hal Gruebbel – St. Louis, Missouri

“Once again we had a great time.”Bill Evans - Frankfurt, Indiana

“We had a terrific trip in the second week of June, catching a logged total of 267 fish.”Paul Wieland - Great Valley, New York (Barnett Lake)

“I had one of the best times of my life up there because of one of my guides!”Anthony Woodward - Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

John Reber, Doug Reber & Ed Reber - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

“We plan on returning next year.”Harold Roberts – Satellite Beach, Florida

“You guys have been wonderful camp hosts!”Bill Woodworth - Haslett, Michigan (Barnett Lake)

“The overall experience was something words can’t describe.”Grant Gushee - Bridgton, Maine

“It gets better each year!”Jack Gudmundson – Calgary, Alberta

“Once again, you supplied the same type of service that initially impressed us”Bruce and Sue Sleboda - Cave Creek, Arizona

Tim Sommer - Round Lake, Illinois

“You make our vacation so comfortable!”John & Rhoda Peifer – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“We had some of the best fishing we have had in the 16 years we have been going to Canada.”Jason Buckley - Bradenton, Florida (Big Island Outpost)

“As usual, we had a great time with your outstanding staff.”Rob Elliot - Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“I’ve never heard of a lake so full of huge fish!”Josh Spencer, Spencer Brickwork – Glencoe, Missouri

John Heffernan - Palatine, Illinois

“We consistently catch our biggest fish at Kississing!”Kevin Buckley - Mount Zion, Illinois (Big Island Outpost)

“Your service, staff and support was, once again, off the charts!”Bruce and Sue Sleboda - Cave Creek, Arizona

“The friendly, family-like atmosphere is unmatched”Steven Schlesinger – Long Beach, New York

Did you have an unforgettable stay at Kississing Lake Lodge? Let us know.

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