It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better!

This is it. Nirvana. A fisher’s paradise. A hidden trove of trophy fish abound, often offered up to astonished newcomers to the sport as readily as to those ardent anglers who have all the experience in the world. Kississing provides outstanding fishing for northern pike, walleye, and lake trout from mid May all the way to early October. The vast Kississing waters withhold a fishing adventure that may very well provide you with the best fishing of your life! There’s no need to make up big fish stories in this part of the world, though people may not believe their ears when you tell them about the size of the fish you caught. Luckily, you’ll have the pictures to prove it.

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Northern Pike

Kississing Lake is renowned for its monster pike. The northern pike is an aggressive fish, which can be found in abundance in low-lying weed beds through mid-season, and in somewhat deeper waters in late spring and early fall. Some of our largest pike are caught in the month of August. You don’t want to miss out on a Crow Lake fly-out if it’s mainly pike that you are after; it is a pike fishermen’s paradise.

Tackle Tips: We suggest a medium or heavy rod, spinning or casting, when fishing for northern pike. In terms of fishing line, a braided line is best, such as Power Pro, Spiderwire or Fireline. You’ll want at least a 20 lb test. If there is one lure you don’t want to leave behind when fishing for northern pike at Kississing, it is your #2 Five of Diamonds; by far the most used lure on the lake. Or you can opt to use our very own Kississing #2 Five Star version. Other popular lures include:

Trophy Northern Pike is 41 inches


Walleye fishing is typically at its best in early spring when the walleye are spawning. However, you can expect to catch an abundance of walleye all summer long. Let one of our expert guides lead you to the best spots to ensure more than enough walleye for lunch! For the walleye fishing adventure of a lifetime, book a fly-out to Tait Lake; you will not be disappointed!

Tackle Tips: We suggest quarter ounce to half ounce jigs with a minnow attached to the hook when fishing for walleye. We provide the minnows free of charge and also sell an assortment of jigs in our tackle store. It is recommended to use a medium light spinning rod with a smaller reel (it would work to use a medium rod, but you just won’t have the same sensitivity as a medium light rod). For walleyes a 10 lb test line will work just fine.

Trophy Walleye is 28 inches

Lake Trout

The lake trout in Kississing Lake provide an exciting fishing experience any time of year! The key is, when they adjust to the water temperatures, you need to adjust your fishing techniques. In early spring and then again in early fall the lake trout are typically found in shallow waters and can be caught casting with spinning gear. As the water starts warming up in late spring through to late summer the lake trout drop down in 60 to 90 foot holes where the water is cooler.

Tackle Tips: In early spring and early fall we suggest trolling with a #1 or a #2 spoon. In the summer when the lake trout hideout in 60 to 90 foot holes you will want to use a two ounce to three ounce jig and drop it down and leave it two feet above the lake bottom. We also provide two and three ounce jigs in our tackle shop. In terms of rod and fishing line, the same guidelines apply as for pike fishing.

Trophy Lake Trout is 35 inches
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Reel in Some Hidden Treasure

Reel in Some Hidden Treasure

We’ve tagged and released one trophy pike into Kississing Lake. Catch it and win a 4 day, 4 night trip to Kississing Lake Lodge. Or catch any one of three tagged monster northerns hidden at our popular Crow Lake fly-out and win $1,000 cash!

Help Our Fish Futures

Help Our Fish Futures

To ensure the continuation of Kississing's outstanding fishing profile, we require that all northern pike above 30 inches, lake trout over 26 inches and walleye over 20 inches be released. Provincial regulations also require barbless hooks on tackle used in Manitoba (barbed hooks are easily made barbless with a pair of pliers). Feel free to talk to your guide or any of the staff regarding proper handling techniques that promote a quick and harmless release that will help ensure fine fishing in Manitoba and Kississing Lake for years to come.

“Thanks again for another great trip! Our 5th year at Kississing brought along two new fishing partners and ended with eight trophies for our group! Steve and I caught trophies at the same time, a 42" and 43" northern pike. They were lying within 15 feet of each other. Look forward to seeing you again next season!”John Cullian - Crystal Lake, Illinois