Adventure with Your Own Private Lake

An Unforgettable Experience

Imagine the welcoming morning aroma of fresh coffee perking and bacon sizzling in the pan. You look up from the grill and catch those last wispy patches of fog rolling off the private lake you’ve got all to yourself. It was selected, in consultation with you, from among the nine diverse locations that dot our map, as the one you’d like best for your on-your-own adventure. Soon you’ll leave the cozy comfort of your hideaway cabin to hop in your own boat, chart your own course and search out the monster fish teeming just below the sparkling surface of the water you hear lapping at the shore.

Fishing at sunset
Float Plane

Dinner tonight trumps even that delicious breakfast. Your own fish, caught today, and cooked on your own grill; so fresh and delectable you’ll remember this meal and this wilderness adventure for the rest of your life. Commune with nature all on your own in a setting of breathtaking beauty… the perfect getaway for the ultimate adventure seeker.

Kississing has over 25 years of experience in supplying and outfitting, anticipating your needs. We’re with you all the way. In truth, you’re never alone. We’ve been there before you and we check on you while you’re there.

“Your service, staff and support was, once again, off the charts! Sue and I would like to thank you personally for sending the sling chairs in for us. When we got back to camp on Thursday, the chairs were there. We just plunked down in them, let out a big sigh and smiled at each other.”Bruce and Sue Sleboda - Cave Creek, Arizona

Exclusive Outpost Lakes

2019 Outposts Reel Stories

Map of Kississing Outpost Locations

Outpost Locations

All nine of Kississing's Outposts are a short flight from our float base in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

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Barnett Lake Outpost

Trophy Pike & Walleye

Barnett Lake Outpost
  • A Classic Canadian Outpost Offering the Best of Both Worlds
  • Big Size, Big Numbers, Big Bragging Rights
  • An Angling Bonanza From May Right Through To September

Journey 65 miles north of our float plane base in Flin Flon to beautiful Barnett Lake. Your dream of adventure fishing takes a wilder turn when you reach this seven-mile long, 70 foot deep, tea-colored body of water fed by a creek in its south east corner and home to phenomenal walleye and pike. This remote lake absolutely teems with pike in the 30” to 40” size range and it’s not uncommon to boat one upwards of 45”. World class walleye fishing is Barnett’s rule-of- thumb with groups catching up to 18 trophy sized (over 28”) walleye in one week and lake records shooting upwards of 35”. If you dream big, Barnett Lake is for you!

Barnett Lake Outpost
“We had a great time at Barnett Lake this year. What we really enjoy is the seclusion out there, great bonding time for our family. Everybody at Kississing did a great job, could not be better. Thanks for the great service.”Tom Hansen - Avon, Minnesota
(Barnett Lake Outpost)

Siers Lake Outpost

Something for Everyone

  • Three Unique Lakes, Three Unique Fishing Experiences
  • Experience the Tradition and Adventure of Portaging
  • Outstanding Fishing Opportunities From May To September

Located 60 miles north of our floatplane base in Flin Flon and 40 miles from the nearest road, Siers Lake puts the “wild” in wilderness. Our cabin on this popular outpost location is the only structure on the three diverse lakes Siers opens up to you. With an average depth of 20’, Siers itself is a shallow tea-hued body that sets the bar high time and again for excellent walleye fishing, both in numbers and size. Large pike are not uncommon either, making for added excitement when that massive jack decides to take a pass at your walleye jig.

To the north lies Einarson Lake, 30’ deep and connected to Siers by a creek. Crystal clear, cold, and spring-fed, Einarson is alive with lake trout and giant walleye. Average trout size is 3 to 5 pounds, with several in the 20 to 30 pound range also recorded.

Last of the trio is Bear Lake, accessible via a short portage off Siers’ southeast corner. With a structure and fish resembling those of Siers, Bear Lake offers walleye aplenty and ample large pike waiting to bend your pole and pull your drag.

This is a triple threat fisher’s heaven!

Cairns Lake Outpost

The People’s Choice

Cairns Lake Outpost
  • Walleye, Pike and Lakers In Both Size and Numbers
  • Midsummer Walleye Hotspots Right By Your Cabin
  • Breathtaking, Picturesque Terrain Surrounded By 400 ft. Hills

You’ll love it. Everybody does. Cairns is one of the most picturesque lakes in Canada, situated 60 miles north of our float base and 40 miles from the nearest road and surrounded by 400’ hills. Your two-bedroom cabin is nestled on a beautiful sand beach that just happens to be a hot bed for midsummer walleye fishing. Ten miles from tip to tip and part of the Waysaykamik River system, this vibrant body of water boasts abundant quantities of lake trout and pike, as well as walleye, enough to keep the most rigorous fishers busy. Although the lake has an average depth of 30’ to 40’, the lake trout pull together in schools for the summer season in holes that punch down to 80’! One of our most popular outposts, Cairns Lake will become your annual tradition, as it has for many of our guests.

Hassett Lake Outpost

Lake Trout Central

  • THE Lake Trout Capital of the Kississing Family of Outposts
  • Waters So Clear You Can See Your Trophy Trout 10 ft. Down
  • 100 Plus Pike-A-Day Bonus With Short Portage to Nearby Guthrie Lake

Hassett was constructed of milled logs in 2002, with no expense spared making it an ideal haven for adventurers who want to put aside the walleye jigs and focus on the big guys for a week. The cabin sits in the southeast corner of the lake, in the epicenter of its best trout fishing. Two by three miles in size and 110' deep, Hassett’s spring-fed waters are so clear you can see the trout on your line, 10 feet down! And watch out for the giant pike cruising the shallows!

A quarter mile from the cabin lies Hassett’s sister lake, Guthrie. A 20-30 minute walk takes you to a fishery that couldn’t be more different. Guthrie’s shallow tea-colored waters offer pike the same way Hassett offers trout – big in both numbers and size. It hardly matters what lure you use; daily catches of 100 fish or more are common. Guthrie is a pike factory not to be missed! Hassett and Guthrie offer an irresistible combination of trout and pike fishing that will keep lines tight and have you crying “Fish on!” from sunup to sundown.

Waskwei Lake Outpost

Trophy Trifecta

Waskwei Lake Outpost
  • Intimately Situated Lakes Deliver Canada’s Finest Angling
  • Experience Trophy Angling for the Canadian North’s Big Three
  • Liberally Sprinkled Mapped and Charted Hotspots

Situated in the heart of varied water systems, Waskwei provides access to all of the lakes in the surrounding area that together create the outdoorsman’s paradise of northern pike, walleye, and lake trout hotspots that truly represent Canada’s finest fishing. At eight miles long, four miles wide and with a maximum depth of 80’, Waskwei is unusually large for an outpost lake. Liberally dotted with islands and featuring varying depths, the lake has much to offer on its own and many of our guests choose to fish Waskwei exclusively.

Note: Kississing is not the only cabin on Waskwei Lake (it is shared with another outfitter).

Waskwei Lake Outpost
“We just completed our third trip with Kississing Lake Lodge at the outpost camp on Waskwei Lake and, well, WOW! Once again, you supplied the same type of service that initially impressed us and has been so terribly hard to find over the past 50 years.”Bruce and Sue Sleboda - Cave Creek, Arizona
(Waskwei Lake Outpost)

Nemei Lake Outpost

All Season, All Species, All Anglers

  • Well Marked Hotspots for Numbers Galore
  • Abundant Shoreline and Varied Structures
  • ‘Big Three’ Fishing Right Close to Outpost Cabin

Sometimes you’re not looking for a challenge; sometimes you just want to fill the boat with fish. Exploring Nemei is a great way to do just that. This is a small chain of lakes, at only six by three miles, and it offers incredible, ample shoreline for you to investigate and call your own. Nemei consistently provides a spectacular fishing experience all season long. You’ll catch so many walleye, pike and lake trout that you’ll be calling yourself a master angler by the time you head home.

Marchel Lake Outpost

Super-Size Your Adventure

  • For Those Who Love To Hunt the “Big Ones”
  • Big Drop-Offs, Big Weed Lines, Sunken Islands and Flats
  • Pristine, Clear Big Water With Holes Reaching 130 ft.

This is the lake for avid anglers who enjoy the challenge of “hunting” for big fish. Marchel Lake offers a variety of drop offs, weed lines, sunken islands and flats that just beg to be explored by such fishermen. The pristine water here is clear, cold and bold, with holes reaching depths of 130 feet. Marchel is eight by two miles and full of fish waiting to bend your pole. You’ll reel in awesome pike and trout worth their weight in bragging rights and the walleye could be the start of your legend. For the best possible results, June is the ideal time to book a trip at Marchel.

Phelan Lake Outpost

An Angler's Paradise

  • One of Our Most Popular Camps
  • As Photogenic As a Backcountry Gets
  • Frenzied Fishing From May through August

This tea-stained water offers a fantastic fishing experience. If the surrounding landscape doesn’t leave you speechless, your ample haul of pike and walleye will. Phelan is a manageable size of seven by two miles and most of the lake is between five and 18 feet deep, though you’ll find pockets that reach 40 feet. It’s a great place to test the waters and you just might nab your master angler title in no time. Simply put, this lake will spoil you. Try out Phelan in May, June, July or August for best results.

Kakinagmak Lake Outpost

Walleye Wonderland

  • Get Here Early! Trophy Walleye Through May and June
  • Or Come Fashionably Late! Monster Lakers in Late August and September
  • Water So Clear, You Can See Your Catch a Mile Away!

Kakinagmak offers the clear water that dreams are made of. You’ll enjoy the view of fish trailing your line and the thrill of seeing them grab on! You’ll pull in jaw-dropping walleye here, and the trout and pike are notable as well. The best time of year for Kakinagmak is May and June; if trout is your game, you’ll find the sweet spot in September. This beautiful 18 mile lake offers a variety of nooks and crannies to catch your fill.

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