Don’t Miss Out on This Unique Fishing Adventure!

An added bonus to your stay at Kississing Lake Lodge is your exclusive access to several remote lakes that can only be reached by float plane. Spend a day at one of our famous and varied fly-out lakes that offer new fishing opportunities to make your adventure complete. You and your guide will take off just after breakfast and we’ll have you back to the lodge in time to get ready for supper!

Catch a plane to your own secluded getaway

CROW LAKE – Pike on a Platter!


Crow Lake

Exclusive to Kississing, Crow Lake is our most popular fly-out location. It is legendary among guests and staff, and your sure shot for giant pike. We’re hard-pressed to think of a group that spent a day at Crow and didn’t boast at least one trophy pike (trophy-size is 41", but Crow often delivers fish upwards of 45"). Walleye abounds, too.

TAIT LAKE – A Walleye Factory


Tait Lake

Connected to a water system with proportions that border on magical, Tait often produces boatloads of this great-eating fish, numbering in the hundreds. Don’t expect to sit around jigging for hours looking for the right spot. For constant action, this lake is the right spot! And it is not uncommon to land a trophy northern either.

HASSETT LAKE* – Trout Galore


Hassett Lake

If trout’s your game, Hassett Lake’s your name. Only two by three miles long, and up to 100’ deep, Hassett Lake’s spring-fed waters are so clear that you can see the trout on your line 10’ down! If you’re looking for trout in numbers and size, this is the fishing destination for you. And watch for giant pike cruising just below the surface.

GUTHRIE LAKE* – A Pike Paradise


Guthrie Lake

Guthrie’s shallow waters offer pike like Hassett offers trout. It really doesn’t matter what lure you use; common daily catches often total 100 or more. Don’t miss out on this one!

*Hassett Lake is also operated as one of our nine outpost camps, and Guthrie Lake is a portage lake connected to Hassett Lake. As such, when there are guests at our Hassett Lake Outpost, both Hassett and Guthrie Lakes will be unavailable for fly-outs.

“Just wanted to again say THANK YOU to all of the staff for the wonderful treatment we received at the lodge this past week. The flight into camp and the one back to Flin Flon were both seamless, the food as always was great, the accommodations were clean and comfortable, the fly-out proved to be rewarding (three trophies for our group that day) and the hospitality extended to our group was appreciated. As an added bonus, the weather co-operated all five days!”Dave Engel - Scottsdale, Arizona

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