Cast It Forward!

2023 Cast it Forward Recipients

The Newlin Family

Nominated by: Tim Newlin

I would like to nominate my family, the Newlins of Minnesota, for the 2023 Cast It Forward Award. My wife and I are the parents of eight, the grandparents of 20, the great grandparents of 10, with two more greats on the way soon. We are pretty much your typical, hard working, sports and adventure enjoying, middle class, Upper Midwest family.

In February of this year one of our sons-in-law, age 52, died of a very aggressive form of cancer. He and my daughter had (have) four children, two of them adults and one of those being the mother of one of our great granddaughters. They also had twin, 15-year-old boys, who were "crushed" by their father's death. They were his pride and joy, and he did, literally, everything he could, with and for, the boys. It's been 10 months and we've all tried to pitch in where we could for them. My daughter has also bent over backwards to continue some of what he started with them and many of the family's traditions. However, nothing can ever replace their dad and we're all keenly aware of that.

Dave was able to take two fishing trips to Ontario, one with his oldest son and some of the rest of us, several years ago, and one with his father, when Virgil was aging, and Dave wanted his dad to enjoy the Canadian fishing experience at least once. It was his desire to take the twins, at least once, on a similar trip, but we hadn't been able to find a time period that fit well for all of us. Unfortunately, procrastination by several of us also played a part in that.

I would like, along with my youngest son, who is now 44 and the father of three of our beautiful granddaughters, to be able to accompany Beau and Braxton, to your Lodge for the Cast It Forward trip. They both fish, mostly for pan fish and largemouth bass, but you can only imagine their excitement when they lock into a 5 lb. walleye or a 15 lb. northern. I know nothing can ever replace what their dad meant to the boys, but I also know how much they, and the rest of my family, would enjoy it, knowing that it is something Dave had very much wanted for them.

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The Skinner Family

Nominated by: Tim Skinner

The Skinner family is one of many families that has faced trials and tribulations, however I must admit all is well with our attitude and health. We are blessed. I am interested in nominating our family primarily as a gift to our father. My father just turned 84 and is an avid outdoorsman.

We grew up in a blue-collar family where dad worked as pipe fitter/natural gas installer for homes and businesses. Weekends and evenings were often compromised in order to provide for his family. However, whenever possible, dad always made sure to go fishing and hunting with his three boys. To this day this holds true except that we are a bit separated by logistics and/or family commitments.

Chris lives in Vancouver, Washington where he enjoys inland salmon fishing. Matt lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, however, has 9 children where he spends countless time with them and providing for them. Don (dad) lives in Rapid City, South Dakota and spends time with the assistance of me in the woods and at the lake. Tim (me) lives in Rapid City, South Dakota and is a workaholic, however, is an avid hunter and fisherman that enjoys taking friends/family to experience the outdoors.

The story is that our father got us started in the love of the outdoors, we (he and I) spend time together, but he longs for his other two sons to accompany us on our adventures, but due to distances (Chris in Vancouver), and family (Matt...9 kids), that is not possible all the time. Winning a trip would make an old man smile and let us relive memories from years ago. The last time we were all fishing together was as Lac LaRonge in 1985.